Leather Pipe Satchel & Pouch

A leather satchel is likely the oldest and most classic pieces of luggage ever made. In fact, leather satchels are often discovered as artifacts in archaeological excavations.

In 1991, Otzi, 'The Iceman' was discovered by two Austrian hikers in the Ötztal alps.  After carbon dating and studies it was determined that he died about 5300 years ago.  One of the items that was found with him was a small leather satchel (still intact) which contained some herbs and a few small tools.  This says a few things:

  1. The leather satchel is a classic functional pouch used for thousands of years
  2. Leather is one of the most durable natural materials available
  3. Otzi had great taste


The Vanderburgh Pipe Satchel is a classic.  Perfect for those hikes into the woods when it's time to regain your life's focus.  It will fit everything you need for that 4 hour hike, or that fly fishing trip.  It will fit

Vanderburgh Satchel Infographic MD

compact binoculars, a camera, your pipe and some tobacco.  Toss a couple of loose cigars in it.  It will perfectly cradle a 6 oz hip flask and your finest scotch.

Vanderburgh Maduro Brown Snow Log MD

Vanderburgh Satchel Snow Tobacco MDVanderburgh Satchel Log Snow Chestnut MD




It's easy to carry with it's removable leather shoulder strap.  Clip your satchel to your golf bag and toss a few cigars in it.  Or fasten it to loops on your saddle bags on your motorcycle.  It has built-in versatility that will surprise you.

Last summer I went on a canoe trip to Northern Minnesota, USA.  In my satchel I fit toothpaste, a toothbrush, deoderant, bug spray, knife, flint, and all the necessities for my travels.


The Adventurer's Satchel is Functional. 

Not too big.  Not too small.  It has a special flap that unbuttons on both sides, allowing easy access and revealing the hidden pockets.  It has a cleverly designed front pocket designed to hold a 6 oz hip flask and your finest scotch.

Filled Dimensions:

  • Tall: 8"
  • Width: 5.5"
  • Thickness: 2"

The Adventurer's Satchel is Individualistic and Rugged. 

It doesn't look like a man-purse.  It's masculine and versatile.  Available in three leather colors - Cafe Brown, Natural Tobacco, and Chestnut.  It will look better and better year after year.

The Explorer's Satchel is Tough. 

It’s made it from the best full grain cowhide and lined with pig skin (the second toughest leather on the planet). Stitched with marine-grade thread.  Aside from the stitching, it is completely made of leather.  Your friends will envy your leather satchel.

The Leather Pipe Satchel & Pouch is Intelligently Designed. 

It has a rounded profile allowing a great fit for a pair of compact binoculars.  Special pockets under the lid can carry functional items like lighters or cigar cutters. 

The Leather Pipe Satchel & Pouch Looks as Good Hanging on your Wall as it does over your Shoulder. 

I hang my Adventurer's Satchel on my office wall.  Use it as a leather binoculars case.  Use it to carry your tobacco.  It's scars and stains tell of my adventures and my stories ... and hints of more to come.

The Vanderburgh Leather Adventurer's Satchel  $228 + shipping.


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