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Classic designs.  Innovative hand-made creations.  Celebrating art, craftsmanship and fine precious materials. Read more...

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unique travel humidors
Classic designs.  Innovative hand-made creations.  Celebrating art, craftsmanship and fine precious materials.  Read more...

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fine leather
The richest full grain leather.  The best construction.  Unique and functional.  Read more...

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Learn all about the quality of a Vanderburgh Humidor.  See the differences.  Read more...

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Learn about the science of cigar aging.  Learn about rare woods, leather and special materials.  Read more...

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Chosen by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hennessy Cognac.  Showcased by the Robb Report.  Selected by cigar brands and clients all over the world.  Read more...

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Eddie's blog on being a Classic Man.  Learn to live your life to the 'true' fullest.  Your wife will brag about you in front of her friends.  Coming Soon...

We at Vanderburgh & Co. Ltd. are a team of artists, craftsmen, and dreamers.  We celebrate art, function and quality not often found today.  Craftsmanship found from an age when time moved much slower.

Here you will find unique designs made with the most beautiful natural materials.  Wood that tells a story.  Stone forged from the thousands of years of stress and pressure.  Leather that brings you back to the days of explorers, twill jackets and old vintage Land Rovers.

Some express art through music.  Some through poetry.  Some through forging metals or manipulating clay.  We express art through the designs we create and the lives we live. 

Alfred North Whitehead once said that:  "Art flourishes when there's a sense of adventure.".  I hope you find our products both inspiring and adventurous - just how life should be.

Welcome to Vanderburgh - a Synergy of Art and Function.

- Eddie DeJong-Vanderburgh, Founder.

Latest Projects

  • Richard Hennessy Humidor1 TH

    Richard Hennessy Cognac Humidor

    This was a very special project made for a special client.  The humidor itself was designed to house two fabulous products.  Mombacho Cigars, and a fine bottle of Richard Hennessy Cognac. I ...

  • vanderburgh chessboard humidor TH

    Bespoke Chessboard Humidor.

    This was a fun and interesting project.  First of all, the client wanted to integrate the chessboard as a permanent feature.  I thought that it might be nice to have the option to remove the ...

  • crush roll west vanderburgh humidor TH

    Crush and Roll West - Humidor

    Crush and Roll West Charity Humidor 2009 ...

  • Chief Hava Humidor

      Limited Edition CHE 'Chief Hava Edition' Humidor The Hava Cigar 'Chief Hava Edition' humidor was a very intricately and carefully planned completely custom cigar humidor that we created for ...

  • Cro Magnon Cube Humidor

    The Cro Magnon Cube Cometh.    Vanderburgh Humidors was honored to be selected by Adrian's Costa Rican cigars to build the very unique Cro Magnon Cube humidors.    The Cro M ...

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